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Chefs’ Recipes is a multilingual platform with tasty dishes from professional chefs around the world.

Sharing your recipe

Are you a professional chef and do you have a recipe you’d like to share? Send your recipe using the form below.

Final editing

All recipes pass the final editing of Chefs’ Recipes, and are written uniformly on the recipe page.

What will happen to your recipe?

Your recipe will be included on this website.

On the same page of the recipe we also include some information about the products, and of course your name, a short biography of you, as well as the name of your business or where you work and the link to the website of the business.

The main photo of the recipe is a composition of the dish and that of the chef, provided by our photographic service. See the examples on the website.

The recipe is shared via the Chefs’ Recipes newsletter and social media.

No costs

There are no total costs associated with sending the recipe.